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Smarter solutions for sustainable car care

Motorized vehicles and the mobility they provide play a central role in modern society. To make mobility more sustainable we must improve how we care for vehicles so that we extend their life cycle. At Cary Group, we want to contribute by offering solutions that help sustain the life, value and safety mechanisms of vehicles.

We provide our services at convenient locations, with high quality, superior experience and smart solutions to make sustainable car care easier for our customers. Repairing instead of replacing when possible, with social responsibility and minimal climate impact, is the foundation of sustainable car care at Cary Group. We truly care about cars, people and the planet.

Energy consumption and climate impact

In close collaboration with insurance companies we aim to reduce the number of replaced windscreens by striving to repair to the highest possible extent. To ensure that we do and to practice what we preach, our technicians follow clear guidelines. By repairing instead of replacing we use less resources and reduce our climate impact. We actively promote and inform our customers about the benefits of repairing the windscreen in time to avoid a potential replacement.

When our customers turn in their car for repair, it is very much appreciated that Cary Group provides courtesy cars as well as service cars and vans with as low climate impact as possible. When replacing vehicles in the fleet, the goal is always to choose an alternative that has a lower impact on the environment.

Cary Group in Sweden, Denmark and Norway has a code of conduct managing how the group should work with environmental and climate related issues. We constantly strive to reduce the climate impact of our operations. All workshops in Sweden and Norway are certified according to ISO 14001, ensuring that we have a systematic approach in developing our operations and reducing our climate impact. The work to obtain the same certification in the UK will be commenced in 2021.

In Sweden, Cary Group uses renewable energy in all workshops where we control the choice of supplier. As far as possible, the ambition is for all workshops within the group to use renewable energy in the future.

Resource management and recycling

In a resource-intensive industry, we believe it is important to constantly improve and reduce the consumption of steel and glass not to mention chemicals needed when servicing a vehicle. We streamline the usage of natural resources, use energy efficient and climate friendly technique, handle waste properly and phase out substances that are harmful to the environment and health.

Glass, manufactured by finite resources like sand and lime, is the main raw material consumed at our workshops. We constantly aim to reduce glass consumption by minimizing waste and recycle the glass in the windscreens that we replace. Cary Group works with waste operators who specialize in recycling windscreens to make sure that the handling is conducted in the best possible way. Fiberglass for insulation is the main product manufactured from the recycled glass.

A sustainable supply chain

We take great responsibility to ensure that the products we purchase and sell to our customers are produced, handled and distributed in a sustainable way through the entire supply chain. Based on the UN’s Global Compact principles covering human rights, labour. environment, and anti-corruption, our code of conduct states the guidelines we follow related to suppliers and subcontractors. We are convinced that social and environmental responsibility are a prerequisite for a successful business.

Health and safety

We believe in people. Our coworkers’ health is crucial for their wellbeing and ability to perform in their respective roles. That is why we have defined health and safety as one of the most important areas in creating a sustainable and attractive work place and the reason why our coworkers are very much involved in the improvement of our work environment. In addition, we conduct risk assessments and internal audits on a regular basis to ensure a good and healthy working environment.

At Cary Group we strive to empower each other every day. It is the foundation of our work and leadership. Together we create caring and personal work environments that cultivate autonomy and self-determination in people, enabling each person to feel stronger, more confident and more resilient. Empowerment in the workplace not only promotes health and wellness for the individual, it may also positively influence other aspects of a person’s life.

Gender equality and diversity

For us at Cary Group it is important and fundamental that everybody feels welcome, regardless of gender, ethnicity, beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation or age. We are convinced that a workplace defined by diversity creates a more sustainable and solid company, not to mention a more successful one, which is of benefit for our business and for society as a whole.